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Aubree Archibeck is an 18-year-old powerhouse singer from San Diego, CA.  She has sung before thousands since age 4, as a soloist and worship leader.  She has developed a gift and poise far beyond her age, and her versatile ability allows her to sing any genre of music for studio works.  Aubree performs at Mega Churches with Pastors like Will Graham (grandson of Billy Graham), and Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship, for professional sports events including the Anaheim Angels, the LA Rams and the LA Lakers.  She also performs at crusades, youth conferences, and has shared the stage with other mainstream Christian artists. As a studio singer, her contributions include projects for Atlantic Records and other Grammy award-winning Producers. As an original member of the Acapop! KIDS, (from the family that created Pentatonix), Aubree's live performances can be seen on America's Got Talent and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Her single, "Don't Give Up", is available on all music platforms. 

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